As an internationally published restaurant critic and travel journalist, Reuben Mourad's work has been published globally across a variety of titles.

Breathtaking Butchery and Respectfully Crafted Dining at Los Angeles’ Gwen

A beautifully speckled dry-aged ribeye sits next to a wagyu brisket and flat iron, all three with the most perfect — almost seductive — marbling. It’s a sight that forces you to imagine the perfect bite of tender, flavorful meat, and you start salivating as you work your eyes along the glass case of other strikingly stunning cuts.

London’s StreetXO Is a Bizarre Roller Coaster of Flavor That Will Overwhelm Your Senses

I’m going to make a confession. As a restaurant critic, I hate theatrical food experiences. I despise kitschy, themed dining rooms, and I want to leave any meal that relies on elaborate performances of smoke and mirrors to make patrons “wow” at their table.

Hotel Adlon Offers Berlin Glamour And German Hospitality

The Hotel Adlon Kempinski is a German institution, having hosted names including Charlie Chaplin, Albert Einstein, Franklin D Roosevelt, and Michael Jackson. After being destroyed in World War II, tens of millions of dollars were spent on a renovation, and since its rebirth, the hotel has risen to become one of the country’s most prestigious hotels.